Make better decisions to increase sales and income

Segmentation Engine

Realize the potential of your key asset: your customer database.

The Segmentation Engine is a web application that lets you easily segment customers, ‘tag’ them according to key variables, and gain deeper insights into patron behavior and value.

With ticket and donor data and sophisticated segmentation tools at your fingertips, you can improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness, generating a higher ROI from better response rates and reduced costs.

We’ve drawn from our work with hundreds of consulting clients around the world to offer analysis that’s practical and purposeful, all integrated with Tessitura® so that it’s easy to act on your results.


Included in Segmentation Engine v.3:

–  Automatic behavioral segmentations, including ‘Recency-Frequency-Value +’

–  Customizable behavioral variables: automatically generated measures of frequency, time of booking, total value, yield, donation value and many more

–  Send ‘tags’ from any of these back into Tessitura® to use in T-Stats, Analytics and mailing lists

–  Trend Analysis: one-click reporting on key areas like Crossover and Churn

–  Repertoire Scoring and Classifications: two ways to categorize your data for the greatest insights

– CRM Planner – set up regular alerts to tell you how many customers are new, starting to donate, increasing their frequency, and more….


  • See your data broken down by a specific variable. Customize how many segments and what they’re called.
  • As well as our ‘out of the box’ segmentations, we offer Custom Segmentations. Our consultants can find the behaviors most relevant for your organization and add this into your Segmentation Engine. See FAQs for more.
  • Analysis tools include the Churn Report. Easily see trends in new, retained and lost bookers, broken down by frequency, and output a customer list from the chart for use in Tessitura®.